Thursday, August 27, 2009

Weekly Podcasts: Bobcat Edition

As we close out August, there's quite a bit to enjoy on your MP3 player this week. Here are our highlights.

  • Last Saturday, the great I Love Movies podcast updated with Tom Arnold and Dax Shepard. If you only hear one collection of Tom Arnold stories this week, make it this one. (Seriously, it was great.)
  • Last week The Adam Carolla Podcast welcomed guest Bobcat Goldthwait. Not only does he talk up World's Greatest Dad, but you also get a glimpse into his stand-up career and his on-again, off-again persona with what he refers to as "the Grover voice." Well worth a listen. Also appearing on another installment, Chris Hardwick and Gary Dell'abatte of the Howard Stern radio program. A good week for comedy fans.
  • The August 25 installment of Fresh Air with Terry Gross has an interview with Mike Judge of King of the Hill, Office Space, and various other fame. The interview covers the September 13 finale of KOTH, confirmation of new episodes exclusive to syndication, and the upcoming film Extract. Very interesting stuff.

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