Thursday, August 20, 2009

Weekly Podcasts: "August Is Boring, No?" Edition

So hey, nothing's exciting on TV or in the stores... so let's turn our directions to this week's highlights from the land of nice free podcasts, shall we?
  • Comedy Death Ray Radio brought in Bob Odenkirk, Andy Dick, and the slightly less chatty Chelsea Peretti talk about all sorts of nonsense and play "Would You Rather," which is great. Also, "Domo Arigato Mr. Roboto" was played in this podcast along with other sketches and songs from Odenkirk and Dick, so it's basically a good time. Except the audio quality after the first 20 minutes is excessively spotty this week... although we have been informed this has been fixed.
  • The Adam Carolla Podcast had Greg Fitzsimmons on Tuesday, in which you get to hear about a spat with Dave Navarro and how Adam Carolla ended up on the short-lived The Gong Show with Dave Attel. In the installment with Ron Livingston, you get to hear about the juicy origins of Swingers. Well, they're not all that juicy.
  • If you missed it, the I Love Movies podcast from two weeks ago is still quite awesome as is the entire archive. If you're looking to fill up the silences between meetings, check out the recent Patton Oswalt/Adam Carolla episode. Another new installment will go live this weekend.
  • Public Radio's The Sound of Young America had comedy by way of Rob Siegel, who spent a lot of time discussing comedy nerditry as well as Patton Oswalt's role in the new movie Big Fan. While not the funniest thing you'll hear this year, it's not often you hear people discussing the nuances of Oswalt unless he is in the room.
  • NPR's Fresh Air has a show from today with Patton Oswalt and Rob Siegel. We have yet to review this material, but hey, Patton.

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