Monday, August 3, 2009

Awesome Weekly Comedy, Great Job!

Hey kids, you know what time it is! Time to run down this week’s notable comedy releases in the vast ocean of media!

Oh, and as a side note, just in case you didn’t already hate the guy enough, Jeff Dunham is apparently a total dickbag in addition to being tremendously unfunny. He’s also getting his own show on Comedy Central. Feel free to weep openly.


Cold Souls – This is an independent (and apparently pitch-black) comedy starring Paul Giamatti set in a future where souls can be extracted from the body, and then bought, sold or traded. It’s only opening on a few screens and you probably won’t get a chance to check it out until it hits DVD, but Giamatti does neurotic pretty well and the premise sounds solid. Might be worth a look.


Flight of the Conchords Season Two
– Indie darlings Flight of the Conchords are back with the second season of their HBO comedy series on DVD. Overall the second season was a little more consistent than the first one; after all, it brought us the glorious number Too Many Dicks on the Dancefloor* and had just the right amount of Murray as opposed to the drowning-in-Murray first season. You can probably find this for under $20, so go nuts.

Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! Season Three – I wasn’t aware Tim and Eric had already cleared through a third season, but here it is on DVD!

My Cousin Vinny (Bluray)
– Hey, what do you get when you buy two copies of My Cousin Vinny on Bluray and then play them on two 10-inch laptop screens? TWO MINIATURE JOE PESCIS

Big Trouble in Little China (Bluray)
– One of the greatest action-comedy movies from the 1980s is finally available in 1080p. Not a whole lot of comedies from the 80’s have aged well, but John Carpenter’s classic still holds up and is still pretty damn funny in a few places.

John Heffron: Middle Class Funny
– Apparently this dude won Last Comic Standing (which is generally not a good sign that he’s actually funny) and now has this special out on DVD. I looked up some of his clips on YouTube and it’s all pretty pedestrian material, most of it being ground I’ve heard covered by other, better comics. Probably not worth your time unless you’re John Heffron’s mother or girlfriend.


Doug Benson: Unbalanced Load
– This is the must-get item of the week, naturally. It's available both as a physical CD and a digital download at the usual places. Check out Adam’s review here.

*Before you go, make sure you know the dancefloor bro-ho ratio.

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