Friday, August 7, 2009

Road Trip Album Picks: Dave Attel's "Skanks for the Memories"

WHAT: Stand-up album from America's drinking buddy
LABEL: Comedy Central Records
GOOD IF YOU LIKE: Dirty jokes, the Insomniac program from American television,
WHERE TO FIND IT: Most record stores

Do you admire such comic elements as subtlety and deft wordplay? This is not the album for you. Dave Attel's Skanks for the Memories is blue, but not so much "sad" blue as "dick joke" blue. "Waaaah, I want some pussy" pretty much sums up what you're going to get on this, his debut and seemingly only release.

You may have enjoyed Attel's show Insomniac or perhaps you saw him on his comedy special which helped give Dane Cook a little more TV time, but don't hold that against him. If you go down his track list, it seems like a what's-what of done-to-death comedy. Attel proves that just because you might say you're sick of jokes about airline security, midgets, the Amish, and Eskimos, it seems you are, in fact, not. "Give it to me, you Abe Lincoln-looking motherfucker." Classy.

If there's a more perfect album to throw on for some dude and his buddies on a road trip, I haven't heard it. If you missed out on it when it hit a few years ago, it's still genuinely funny. I listened to it on the drive home one day and kept cracking up, which is pretty much my benchmark for the funny. Will you laugh when you're alone? Then you've got something good.

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