Sunday, August 16, 2009

This Week in Late Night: The Mike Meyers Apocalypse

The Inglorious Basterds promotional juggernaut is in full swing this week, which means most of that film’s gigantic cast is all over late night. Or they would be, if there were any talk shows this week that weren’t on hiatus. It also means Mike Meyers, inexplicably part of the cast, will be rearing his head on Letterman. If you’re in the audience for that taping, please be sure to bring a copy of The Love Guru with you and fling it at him as hard as you can.

So, since nearly everything is in repeats – Conan, Fallon, Ferguson, Kimmel (and The View) – and our listings are incredibly short, this week in addition to our short-ass listings, we’re also gonna have Jimmy Fallon Appreciation Station, wherein we’ll post a bunch of the surprisingly funny bits you probably didn’t catch because you don’t watch Fallon.


8.19 Mike Meyers
8.21 Patton Oswalt


8.17 David Cross


8.17 Jamie Klaer, John Caparulo
8.18 Josh Wolf, Heather McDonald, Michael Kosta
8.19 Jo Koy, Kevin Hart, Whitney Cummings
8.20 TJ Miller, George Wallace, Natasha Leggero
8.21 Brad Wollack, Tony Rock, Sarah Colonna


It’s still kind of vogue to hate on Jimmy Fallon, but as a regular viewer of his underrated late night show, I figured I’d share a handful of clips you’ve probably missed as a reminder that the show is really not as bad as your friends who don’t watch it but complain about it anyway are saying.

With that last clip I submit there is simply not enough Obama - Bubble Bobble humor on late night TV, and so I salute this show.

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NotQuite said...

Patton...yeah, they just put his album up on iTunes a week early! I'm listening to it far, funny as hell.