Friday, August 21, 2009

Road Trip Album Picks: Matt Braunger's "Soak Up The Night"

WHAT: Debut stand-up album from someone you probably never heard of
LABEL: Comedy Central Records (2009, Digital)
GOOD IF YOU LIKE: Brian Regan, if he cursed more and was angrier

While you may not have heard of Mr. Braunger-- an alumnus of Mad TV-- he's a pretty funny guy. Unfortunately, Comedy Central Records apparently did not think enough of him to put this album in retail bins, but you can download it through a variety of online digital content services.

A number of observational bits are mixed in with what probably would have made some great sketches, or to say the least, a wonderful bit on the long since canceled Dr. Katz: Professional Therapist. It's also worth noting that while he does have a bit called "George W. Bush's DUI," it has very little to do with our former president and pretty much everything to do with what it takes to get arrested in Texas. Which is a plus, given that telling W. jokes in 2009 are like shooting fish in a barrel. Does anyone want to hear another bad Bush impression? Probably not.

Bruanger has a good voice that should carry through your car on any trip, plus if you bring this along, you're likely to be able to expose your friends to something they haven't heard yet. I should also take care to point out that he managed to do a Jim Morrison bit that that didn't seem hacky, which is no small feat. Kudos are in order for taking a pop culture icon and doing something you haven't heard with him.

Choice quotes out of context:
"Old men that drink rusty nails want to die."
"I hunt and kill unicorns. For their candy-like meat."
"Fuck. You win again, Skeletor."
"An owl raised in captivity will never stop trying to attack you."

Warning/guarantee: a lot of this material is still in his live set. But if you've never seen him, obviously, this is 100% new to you.

Those looking for a free sample of his work, check out the podcast MATTs Radio which, at press time, seems to be on a little break.

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Clifton said...

braunger was just on the cover of la weekly's comedy edition if that means something to you.