Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Weekly Comedy: The Sheen is Off

So, it’s another light week for comedy, unless you’re a huge fan of The Girl Next Door and just couldn’t wait to get your hands on the bluray version, with all 1080 of its Ps.

It is however a week exceptionally high on crappy DVD releases, so there’s that. A silver lining to every cloud!


Extract – The latest comedy from Mike Judge, whose last film, Idiocracy, was unceremoniously dumped into a handful of theaters with literally no P&A and thus became something of a cult hit; if you turn on Comedy Central and it’s the middle of the day, Idiocracy is probably on. That said, they’re actually giving Extract (which is being advertised as another workplace comedy a’la Office Space) a decent marketing push and most of the early reviews have been pretty positive, so it’s probably worth checking out this weekend, as there is literally nothing else to do. Expect a full Comedy is Dead review on Friday.


Unwigged & Unplugged – This is a live concert DVD featuring Michael McKean, Christopher Guest and Harry Shearer, performing as themselves; basically they do a bunch of songs from Spinal Tap and A Mighty Wind and presumably banter in between. Apparently this is just something they felt like doing, and also something someone just felt like putting on DVD. It’s also the only thing out on DVD this week that has a shot at being good.

Terry Fator: Live from Las Vegas – Hacktastic Jeff Dunham-alike ventriloquist comedian Terry Fator has his Las Vegas routine out on DVD and bluray. Nothing’s funnier than puppet comedy for Midwesterners, right??

Two and a Half Men: The Complete Sixth Season – This season of Two and a Half Men won the Emmy last year for Outstanding Mediocre Comedy Series Your Dad Falls Asleep To.

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