Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Weekly Comedy: In 'n Out Edition

We’re running late today and it’s all DVDs this week anyway so let’s just get to it and get it over with, shall we?


The Office Season Five – Depending on your outlook on The Office, this is either something to get excited about or something to shrug at. While I’ll maintain that the quality of the show has remained fairly static (meaning good) it’s hard to ignore that it is starting to feel a bit stale. We’ll see how season six does this year.

Parks & Recreation Season One – An Office-alike that started out slow but eventually got pretty good toward the end of the season. You can shotgun the series in one sitting now thanks to the DVD. Also, anything that offers us more Aziz Ansari is a good thing.

Important Things with Demetri Martin – Demetri Martin’s mostly funny sketch-standup hybrid series is basically Chappelle’s Show for White Hipsters. He has some really funny material in here, though, so if you missed the run on Comedy Central, it’s worth a rent.

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