Friday, July 31, 2009

Road Trip Album Picks: Drunk Baby Project

WHAT: Comedy album from one of the Kids in the Hall
LABEL: Tront Communications
GOOD IF YOU LIKE: The Kids in the Hall
WHERE TO FIND IT: various places online for around $20

Bruce McCulloch was/is one of the Kids in the Hall and released Drunk Baby Project from 2002, is the second comedy album made by Bruce McCulloch, the first being Shame Based Man from 1995.

Since Bruce McCulloch isn't a stand-up comedian it is only natural that you aren't going to hear stand-up on this album. It is an album of primarily songs, though McCulloch isn't a singer either, so don't expect tunes to get your feet a-tappin'. The songs are more like monologues or sketches that Bruce monotones through to music.

There's a lot of darkness to this album, like a song about a depressed man "flying" over his girlfriend who is cheating on him, a song about a horrible blackout hangover, and how laugh tracks were only built for the benefit of lonely people, something aliens don't understand.

McCulloch also goes on to more upbeat songs about how the Bible is funnier than "a Far Side cartoon", a song about a struggling gay waiter, and a song about "he knows what the ladies like" and proceeds to describe the horrifyingly funny way he has sex with ladies.

Suffice it to write that this is not an album for your average person. You aren't going to cue this up for someone who thinks Jeff Dunham is hilarious. Or you might, just to see them horrified. If you are the type of person who liked Bruce on The Kids in the Hall and want to see that work only a lot darker, then this is the album for you.

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