Sunday, October 11, 2009

Weekly Comedy: Now We're Into the Dregs

It’s yet another light week. You could call it ‘WEAKLY COMEDY’. Get it? Eh?



Land of the Lost – This spectacular failure probably belongs in Comedy Skippables, but it’s such a weird-ass, completely unhinged flaming trainwreck that it’s hard not to recommend it only as an oddity and to experience just how unfunny two normally funny people (Ferrell and McBride) can be when they’re clearly improvising more than 2/3rds of the film and nobody’s telling them that what they’re doing isn’t funny.

Mighty Boosh Special Edition – All three seasons of The Mighty Boosh in limited edition packaging. A must-have for those seeking to define ‘acquired taste’.

Married… With Children Season 11 – This is still coming out.

South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut (Bluray) – The movie that has absolutely no need to be seen in high definition, in high definition. Although this film has held up pretty well over the years and is still pretty good – certainly much funnier than most recent episodes of the series.

Futurama: Complete Collection – Every single piece of Futurama, in a plastic Bender head. You get all four seasons and all four “movies”, a collection rendered incomplete the second the new episodes hit next year.


The Proposal – Although I have not seen this film, I can tell based just on the DVD cover that at least one (1) wedding cake gets destroyed and perhaps we then see a dog reaction shot wherein the dog either (A) covers one eye with its paw and whimpers or (B) cocks its brow and gives a quizzical grunt.

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