Tuesday, June 16, 2009

New Spinal Tap Album Released: Back from the Dead

This Is Spinal Tap is arguably one of the absolute finest comedies to come out of the 1980s. Unlike most other funny films from the era, it holds up extremely well and remains a watchable, quotable, fun movie. The band continues to perform in character, and made an unwatchable, un-fun movie called Return of Spinal Tap a few years later, plus a more or less digestible sequel album Break Like the Wind.

Today, the Tap release their third album Back from the Dead. The band actually demonstrated the packaging at The Tonight Show, and it comes with a bonus DVD (the album with commentary tracks) and a fold-out cardboard stage diorama with the band being represented by flattened versions of their Sideshow Toys 12-inch action figures from nearly 10 years ago.

We haven't heard the album yet, but will post here if/when we get our hands on a copy. Feel free to post in the comments if you heard it, as we'd love to know. It appears 11 of the 19 tracks are new versions of older material.

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