Monday, November 24, 2008


A podcast featuring Kevin Smith and Scott Mosier

The SModcast is a podcast featuring Kevin Smith and Scott Mosier talking about random stuff. Occasionally there are other guests besides Scott Mosier like Kevin Smith's daughter Harely and his wife, Jennifer, but mostly it is Kevin Smith and Scott Mosier.

They talk about the film business some, like for instance, a recent episode talks about advertising problems with Zack and Miri Make a Porno in Philadelphia where they would not allow any advertising of the film whatsoever even if they had two stick figures and just called it Zack and Miri. Mostly though, they talk about random shit. Actually one episode has a discussion about that literally, where Kevin Smith talks about farting in his shower and accidentally shitting in the shower. Mind you it isn't a show that talks about shit and fucking and swear words - it's usually just a casual discussion from two very entertaining people that just happens to involve swear words and talks about shit and fucking. Also nerd stuff. Lots of nerd stuff, like a discussion about the movie Transformers and how it should have been just the effects shots and nothing else. Then a discussion as to whether people would pay nine dollars just to watch fifteen minutes of special effects - the consensus they came to was yes.

Actually, now that I think about it, the conversations are a perfect insight for you ladies as to what guys talk about when they are by themselves with no women around. It's talks about nerd stuff, gross stuff, and sex. Though Kevin Smith is a very funny guy and makes the discussions a lot more entertaining than the casual conversations you would probably have from your standard group of guys.

The production quality is good despite being recorded in Kevin Smith's house. Actually the recording in the house helps to lend the casual nature of the conversations. Occasionally, Kevin looks stuff up on the Internet or tells his dog to stop barking.

There is also some post-production work done to put music in at almost a subliminal level behind their conversations - for instance when talking about a moon astronaut, Major Tom plays, or less subtley, when Scott Mosier talks about an encounter with a shark, the theme to Jaws plays. It's a nice touch.

So yes, if you aren't offended easily, get this podcast. You won't regret it, and it's updated almost every week with about an hour of content.

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