Sunday, August 3, 2008

Patton Oswalt 222

Patton Oswalt 222
Released in 2004 by United Musicians

This album is essentially the unedited recording of which Patton Oswalt's debut album, Feelin' Kinda Patton was cut from. The title comes from the fact the audio is 2 hours and 22 minutes long. I thought it was a reference to Room 222, the TV show from the 1970's, but that is just me.

The album itself is completely no frills, with two trackless CDs, and nothing much of liner notes. You may want to put this on your favorite digital music device because of this. It will allow you to skirt around at will.

It is interesting in the world of comedy recordings because this is essentially the "warts and all" edition of a comedy performance. Every awkward chuckle, every Oswalt sip of Dewar's, every audience member howling like Chewbacca is all there. Actually, considering the amount of alcohol Patton indicates he is drinking during this recording, it is amazing that he does not end his long set with him dying on stage with blood shooting out of his liver. It's an impressive alcohol tolerance.

It's a good bit of comedy, it's an interesting recording of comedy. If you wish you can get this over Feelin Kinda Patton, because this contains all the material in Feelin Kinda Patton and more, just unedited. Or if you want something a little more organized, you can not get this and get Feelin Kinda Patton instead. It's your choice, really.

Overall, I feel like perhaps this is not an album for people who are new to Patton Oswalt as the long, trackless presentation might be too much to handle. For those who are already a fan, this is a fine purchase.

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